Our 1 Billion Mask Mission

Key Points

  • Can be worn 8 hours a day, up to 7 days

  • Deactivate viruses

  • Eco-friendly

  • Highly breathable with bi-directional airflow

Value Metric Per Week

Use of imported masks require 14 masks per person, per 7 days (2 masks per 8 hour day), whereas, 
the POWER3 masks are reusable, only needing one mask for 7 days.

About POWER3

US Power AZ PPE, LLC (dba POWER3) is a manufacturer of high-quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) made in the USA.


The POWER3 team is creating hundreds of US manufacturing jobs and pumping critical dollars into the economy with a targeted production run of one billion, eco-friendly, smart masks per year.

POWER3 Smart Masks are designed with 3 layers of protection from airborne particulates and treated with proprietary biocidal technology.

POWER3 product line includes 3-Ply Smart Masks in adult and kids sizes, as well as Smart Filter Inserts for use in washable cloth masks. All POWER3 products are treated with biocidal technologies and marketed in bulk quantities to value added resellers and distributors.

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